DJ Tronky - ItalyWho really likes Bachata will probably know DJ Tronky from Italy. In Bachatamusic he is one of the most famous DJ at the time.
I was lucky to have a some words with DJ Tronky from Rome. He is well known to everybody who is looking for new and fresh Bachata. His remixes are unique and have a fresh and modern sound. Tronky belongs to the new generation of Bachata-DJs who change the character of a song to give them a complete new sound, a new direction but still remind closely to the original song the same time!

Here is my interview with him:

Hi, how are you? Where do you come from?
Hi! Fine, thank you. I'm from Italy but I was born in Albania.

Where do you live now? And how does this affect your music?
I live in Rome. Here in Italy we listen a lot to international (european/american) pop songs.

Where did you live before?
I've always lived in Rome since I was 2 years old.

When did you decide to become a DJ?
I've not decided it. I was asked if I wanted to play in a party, every friday night in Rome, and I said "YES". I've started creating remixes just for fun, in March 2016. I've never thought I would become a DJ, moreover an international DJ. Then it happened. But in real life I'm a Physician, Calisthenics instructor and Drawer.

Who did influence you?
The biggest influence was from DJ Soltrix, but I always tried to do something different from the others.

Why do you like especially Bachata? And what do you think about the older Dominican Bachata?
I LOVE Bachata. I' don't know why, but I always liked Bachata more than Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton etc... (maybe because when I started dancing, I was better in Bachata *lol*).
I LOVE Dominican Bachata too, I like dancing to it and I ALWAYS play it at my sets. Who is really passionated about Bachata cannot dislike Dominican Bachata.

DJ Tronky - Italy

How did you choose the songs to mix? Is it only your personal taste or do you have also other reasons?
Only about personal tastes and feelings. Also, obviously, the more famous a song is, the better it is for me.

What kind of equipment do you use to make your remixes? Standard software, Mixers? anything you can really recomed?
I use standard software like Audacity, Mixcraft.

Tell me about you philosophy concerning music and everything else.
Music is all for me. Music is my partner in life, in every moment, I can't stay without listening music.

Now that you are more famous and more people know worldwide you as an artist, did your life change?
A little bit. Now I'm traveling almost every week, everytime in my DJ sets people ask me to take a picture with them. Obviously something has changed than before, but this didn't change me.

Are you in contact with some of the artists whos songs you have mixed? What do they say, since they are reaching a complete new audience?
Generally no. Usually these artist are too famous to be in contact with them. But I am in contact with some of the dancers. With some of them we are also friends. I always send them my songs, but I never ask them to dance on them. They're free to dance whatever they like. Before I always asked them if I could send my music, now it's them who ask me if I would send them everytime I make something new. That's cool!

Here is a nice example: Daniel & Desiree dancing and teaching at Frankfurts Festival to the music of DJ Tronky

Do you think that Bachata is easier to mix than for example Salsa?
I don't know. Never mixed Salsa, so I can't make a comparison.

Did you ever think about dedicate yourself and your gift to other music styles, like Salsa, Chacha etc?

In your opinion, where is the actual modern Latin music going?
Latin music is day by day strongly modernizing, taking pieces from other styles. Bachata sensual (type of dance) and Bachata remixes, are an example of this changing.

Did you notice changes the last 10-15 years?
I sincerely don't know, I started DJing this May.

DJ Tronky - Italy

You also like live music?

Who are your favorite musicians/ artists (seeing them in concert, or even know them)
Dani J is something amazing in live session. Better than in studio recording!

Now you work a lot outside your country. In your eyes, are there differences between the different scenes in different countries?
Definitively. Each country, but also between cities of the same country, reflects their different mentality. At the moment Spain is the most open-minded country about this: spanish dancers are the most versatile on the floor, they dance ALL kinds of music.

Did you ever think about changing your work for another?
My life is always changing. This career itself it's a change for me.

Is there anything you want to add?
I want to thank you for this interview. Hope to see you soon! Ciao!

So thanks a lot for the Interview, I hope, that we meet in Rome dancing!

If you want to get in touch with DJ Tronky
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Here is some music from him: Playlist DJ Tronky