Marc AnthonyAfter just two years, today the successor album to "Pa'Alla Voy" has been released. I was expecting it to be next year, as "El Flaco" usually takes at least three years for a new album. As always with him, there is a lot of new wonderful dance music, especially abundant salsa with a lot of fun and good music.

Marc Anthony has now released 15 albums and is one of the best-selling and most listened-to Latin artists. It's a shame that outside of our scene he's so unknown in Europe. To date, he has sold over 12 million albums and his music is heard millions of times worldwide.


Who is Marc Anthony?

Marc Anthony, born on September 16, 1968, in New York City as Marco Antonio Muñiz, is the most well-known musician and singer, actor, and producer in Latin America. His musical career began in the 1980s when he worked as a backing vocalist for various artists. However, it was his breakthrough in the 1990s with albums like "Otra Nota" and "Todo a Su Tiempo" that established him as a leading salsa performer. With his powerful voice, lots of passion, very pleasing melodies (sometimes on the edge of kitsch), and his ability to convey emotional depth, in addition to winning the hearts of salsa fans worldwide, he has won eight Grammy Awards. In Germany, he is well known in the Latin and dance scene. His songs are played practically every night.

A significant milestone in his career was the 2006 film "El Cantante," in which he portrayed the legendary salsa singer and his idol, Héctor Lavoe. Both are from Puerto Rico, and Héctor was the one who popularized salsa under the Fania label in the 1970s. So for Marc Anthony (together with his then-wife, Jennifer Lopez), it was a great honor to portray Héctor (the movie is my recommendation to everyone if you find it!). This role earned him critical acclaim and solidified his reputation as a versatile artist who can captivate both on stage and in front of the camera.

Marc Anthony is also known for his marriage to singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. For many years, they were a regular topic in the tabloids, as both were as emotional as Héctor Lavoe and his wife Nilda Román Pérez. Marc and Jennifer married in 2004 and were for a time one of the most well-known celebrity couples in the entertainment industry. Although their marriage ended in 2014, they maintain a good relationship and occasionally work together, both professionally and in raising their children. Even today, he continues to write music for her.


Todays Surprise

Today, April 26, 2024, Marc Anthony returns with his 15th studio album "Muevense," just two years after his last album "Pa'Alla voy". The album is a tribute to the diversity of Latin American music. Even a bachata has been recorded by Marc (released a few weeks ago as "Punta Cana"). Additionally, you can hear a Mexican ranchera and, of course, a lot of salsa.

In contrast to many other current releases by other musicians, the album was recorded with a large band, and typically the songs exhibit a lot of enthusiasm and musicality. Marc Anthony knows how to give his musicians the proper place and step back when necessary, which overall benefits the music. Once again, Sergio George is his musical director. Notice, in many of Marc Anthony's songs throughout his career, there's a quiet start, then it gets much wilder and often he shouts "Sergio!". Then the music really kicks in, and the band gets to play freely. That's often the best moment in his songs and shows that he's not just a singer but also a musician.


The Tracks of Muevense

The first single after Punta Cana is the one released today "Ale Ale". The album is released just in time for the start of his world tour. He will also be performing in Nuremberg this summer.

  1. Punta Cana (Bachata)
  2. Si Te Enamoro
  3. Malos
  4. Ojalá Te Duela (Ranchera)
  5. En la Distancia
  6. Ale Ale
  7. A Dónde Vamos a Parar
  8. Pasemos a los Besos
  9. Amarte a la Antigua

So, enjoy listening :)