New Bachata 2024In February and March, there is often a surge in new music releases. This is mainly due to the anticipation of summer and the planning of upcoming concerts. Naturally, much more Latin music is also sold and played in the summer. Additionally, there are what are known as strategic releases: record labels often strategically plan the release of albums and singles to take advantage of specific market conditions. This could mean releasing new music at a time when competition is lower or when potentially higher sales are expected. There's also a general positive atmosphere as winter is soon over, and spring often brings better moods and a festive spirit.


Llamada Perdiuda - Prince Royce's new album

The past few weeks have brought us a flood of new music. The musical treat released today by Prince Royce is rapidly gaining traction in terms of views. No wonder: Royce has been making excellent Bachata music for over 14 years. Apart from a few ventures into the world of pop, he has remained true to his niche. We owe him a lot of unforgettable music. Prince Royce, long known for his ability to blend different genres while maintaining his distinctive style, surprises us once again with a collection of songs that are both catchy and powerful. From passionate love ballads to energetic hits that invite you to dance, this album offers something for every music taste. Although he has already released seven albums, his music remains exciting!

I have now listened through the album, and besides a bit of Reggaeton, Latin pop, a ballad, and even a Merengue, he delivers plenty of Bachata! 23 tracks are really impressive!

The album showcases the versatile talents of this artist and offers a rich blend of melodic pieces, romance, and deep lyrics. The tracks on this album not only demonstrate Prince Royce's incredible talent as a singer and songwriter but also his ability to collaborate with other artists and create an impressive musical blend. This will surely be well received on the dance floors!

With this album, Prince Royce once again proves his undeniable position as one of the leading artists in the world of Bachata. With his mix of captivating solo tracks and impressive collaborations, Prince Royce has once again demonstrated why he is one of the leading artists in the Latin music scene.


New Bachata 2024: The competition never sleeps!


  • "Punta Cana" - Marc Anthony: Marc Anthony did it again. THE Salsa artist of the last 20 years. Always present and always relevant. When Marc releases a Bachata, well, then Bachata is definitely relevant. A catchy track that takes us directly to the beaches of Punta Cana.
  • "Piscina" - Dani J & DJ Tronky: Tronky did it again :) A perfect blend of catchy melodies and captivating beats that immediately put you in a summer mood. "Piscina" is the ideal soundtrack for sunny days by the pool and allows you to enjoy life to the fullest.
  • "Tan Solo Tú" - Dani J: With his gentle voice and romantic lyrics, Dani J's latest hit "Tan Solo Tú" takes us into a world full of love and passion.
  • "Gafas Negras" - DJ Tony Pecino & Rau: This track is an absolute earworm that immediately makes you want to dance. With its infectious melody and energetic rhythms, "Gafas Negras" is a guarantee for good vibes and party atmosphere.
  • "Tengo Roto El Corazón" - DJ Tony Pecino & Rau: An emotional ballad that strikes right at the heart. "Tengo Roto El Corazón" stands out with its honest lyrics and the emotional interpretation of DJ Tony Pecino & Rau.
  • "Because Of You (Mi Universo Eres Tu)" - DJ Tronky & Felix: A declaration of love in musical form. "Because Of You (Mi Universo Eres Tu)" combines catchy melodies with romantic lyrics and is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys getting lost in music.
  • "What Would We Do On Fridays" - DJ Tronky & José Otero & Karen Méndez: A catchy track that reminds us of the importance of enjoying life to the fullest. "What Would We Do On Fridays" is the perfect anthem for carefree Friday nights.
  • "Against The Wall" - Dustin Richie: Dustin, who has a special relationship with Fulda, has finally released new music. "Against The Wall" is a great piece.
  • "Materialista" - Esme: A song that exudes self-confidence and strength.
  • "For You" - Javier Ruisán & Bernardo DJ: A heartfelt ballad that reminds us of the importance of appreciating the people who are dear to us. "For You" is a tribute to love and friendship.
  • "There's Nothing Left" - Jhonny Evidence & Derekvinci: An emotional rollercoaster that reminds us that loss and farewell are inseparable from life. "There's Nothing Left" is a song that gets under your skin.
  • "Sweat And Heat" - Johnny Sky: Johnny was on hiatus due to label issues. He's been active again for about 2 years now!
  • "Under The Influence" - J Salez & DJ Manuel Citro: Manuel Citro has been around for a long time. Always good!
  • "She and I" - Leo Guzmám & JL Caballero & Bernardo DJ & DJ Franky
  • "Rulay" - Mickey Then & Super Joell & 24 Horas
  • "Fantasías" - Mr Don & Derekvinci
  • "For You" - Mr Don
  • "Feeling Something" - Pinto Picasso