kubanischer Oldtimer Well, a not so serious contribution: -) I noticed in the last few months that you can hear a lot of music from Cuba in the club this year. A real flood of new Cuban music, mostly Timba or with many hard Timba and Cubaton-elements. Good for dancing but for me personally, too  monotonous! Especially the harder kind of Timba, with little melody and a lot of angry screaming, is too much for my taste. So while standing at the dancefloor, I started to listen to the dance breaks and listened to more details; -)

As a musician, I really like Cuban music very much. There has never been a lack of imaginative rhythms, variations, good singing and a lot of positive emotions in cuban music. SO do not get me wrong about this. I am not against cuban music!

But, as is it is often the case, when money is earned, commercial interests are gradually emerging and then you will find more and more songs that are quickly composed (within minutes) to satisfy the taste of the average dancer and to make quick money!

Then even this "Cuban" music is suddenly unimaginative, simple, commercial, self-reproducing and above all boring. In fact it is not cuban at all, only a poor and commercial imitation of the real cuban music we all like!

kubanisches Grafiti Che Guevara
Cuba: Myths and Symbols

Timba is a somewhat older style of cuban music, but not a historically grown one! The origin of the Timba lies in rather commercial reasons, when cubans thought about a way to promote their music (the origins of the Timba: Wikipedia).

But how do we distinguish the pearls of Cuban music from the commercial excesses? I would like to approach the topic from a humorous and ironical side: -)
Luckily, commercial music is often self-unmasking. If you speak Spanish, it's a bit easier here. I think that the constantly repeating clichés about Cuba make it quite easy to find the commercial crap.

I would like to introduce the universal Cuban Bullshitbingo :)


Rules for Bullshitbingo

When you hear one of the expressions from the table, make a mark in the field!
Whoever has a row full of marks, just stops dancing and shouts out: "Bullshit" ; -)

Have fun with the bullshitbingo!



Ahi 'na ma'
(una mas)






de Cuba


















me gusta









mi gente















mano pa'ariba


















dale mambo









My tip: There is so much modern and really good Cuban music, from good bands and artists like Timbalive, Los 4, Alexander Abreu y Havana D'Primera or Barbaro Fines y su Mayimbe and many more! Don't waste time with bad music!


cuban oldtimer Viva Cuba, Grafiti